Nicole is a Library Assistant at Thames Library.

The million dollar question is: what IS Book Bingo? What have we gotten ourselves into?!

Book Bingo is a reading challenged designed to make you consider the genres you normally wouldn’t give a second thought to. How many horror fans do you know who also read romance novels? How about family saga fanatics who regularly pick up a sci-fi? In order to mark off five boxes in a row in Book Bingo, you’ll hopefully have to start reading outside the square. Here’s a copy of the original bingo grid Rochelle and I are using:


Rochelle one-upped me pretty early on by deciding to read ALL of the genres, in order, starting from New Zealand Fiction. I’ll read all of the genres as well, but I’m going to jump all over the board, reading for each square as I find a good book for it.

I’d like to think I already read pretty widely – there are only a couple of squares on the board that have me particularly worried. I’ve already got my pick for ‘no genre label’ ready to go – I’ll be reading Shylock Is My Name by Howard Jacobsen. Stay tuned!

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