Rochelle reads The Maze Runner

The third book in my Book Bingo Challenge was to be a Science Fiction – again, not a genre I was particularly looking forward to – so I ‘kind of’ cheated and chose from the Teen Section.  I chose ‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner because I had seen the movie a while ago and enjoyed it so figured I would like the book too.

The book begins with Thomas arriving at The Glade in The Box (a dark caged elevator) with no memory other than knowing his name.  He’s introduced to life on the Glade by a bunch of other teenage boys who arrived there one every month for the previous two years.  Surrounding The Glade is The Maze, a labyrinth of ivy-covered walls that change every night, and evil creatures called ‘Grievers’ which prowl along The Maze at nightfall and which the boys believe needs to be solved so they can leave The Glade.

The day after Thomas’ arrival a girl turns up unconscious in ‘The Box’ and everything in The Glade is about to change!!!

The Maze Runner was fast-paced and action-packed which I enjoyed but it is very different from the movie – not that that is a negative – and one day I might get around to reading the following two books in the series, ‘Scorch Trials’ and ‘Death Cure’.

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