Margot reads V for Vendetta

Margot is a Library Assistant at Thames Library.

My first genre for the book bingo challenge is a graphic novel and I chose this one purely because it reminded me of an old movie!

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd was written in the  late 1980s and is a story of dystopia with V rescuing Eve, who becomes his protege,  from the thuggish police in a recognisable London. It’s a ‘Big Brother world’ with constant public announcements from ‘Fate’ and the words from a song ‘This Vicious Cabaret’ run through it. It’s very clever with literary references sprinkled  throughout and the only criticism I have is that, like the love and war comics of my youth, the drawings are sometimes a bit confusing.


If V for Vendetta has piqued your interest in the Graphic Novel genre, you can view our graphic novel collection on our online catalogue.

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