Rochelle becomes domesticated

‘Finding Casey’ by Jo-Ann Mapson was my choice for the domestic fiction genre of my Book Bingo Challenge.  Although this can easily be read as a stand alone book (as I did) it does follow on from her previous novel ‘Solomon’s Oak’.

The book centres around Glory, her husband Joseph and their adopted teenage daughter, Juniper.  Glory finds herself pregnant for the first time at the age of 41, Joseph is dealing with chronic pain from a shoot-out he’d been involved in when he was a police officer and Juniper has fallen for Topher, the bad boy musician.  And to add intrigue, further into the book, we meet Laurel and her desperately ill daughter Aspen.  Spoiler alert!!!  Laurel turns out to be Juniper’s sister who had been kidnapped years earlier and was presumed dead.

I quite enjoyed this book, particularly Laurel’s character and her story.  I think what I find the hardest about reading fiction is that everyone seems to always get their happily ever after or the plot is a little over the top.

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