Rochelle goes from classroom to prison cell

Now, I was really looking forward to my next genre – New Zealand Non-Fiction.  This is more the type of book I would usually read.  But… the book I chose just didn’t do it for me!  I picked out Classroom to Prison Cell by Alison Sutherland because the title sounded like something that would interest me but for me it was quite a bit let down.

The books author has worked in education for a number of years and was interested in finding out what some of the troubled youth in New Zealand that she was working with thought about their school life.  While this sounded interesting to me I found it a hard book to read because it was written word for word with what the youth had to say and I found it very disjointed.  And if I am being truly honest I didn’t actually finish the book but read about 90% of it.

I have read some amazing New Zealand Non-Fiction but unfortunately this book just didn’t grab me like some of the others have.